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$1320.00 for six people

($220.00 per person)

The Striped Bass & Blue fishing in and around Cape Cod is nothing short of phenomenal. Stripe Bass generally start to show up around the beginning of June and stay until the first week in October. Bass & Blues are considered one of Massachusetts premiere sport fish. Bass generally range in sizes up to 60 lbs. with the majority falling in the 20 to 40 lb. range. Blue fish pound for pound are one of the best game fish especially when fought on light tackle. Both Bass & Blues make for excellent table food with Blue fish being preferred mostly on the grill. Most of our fishing is done trolling with a variety of rigs. Our Bass & Blue trips usually depart around 5 a.m. and will return at approximately 3 p.m. Bass are regulated with a landing limit varying from 1-2 fish per person per day depending on the regulations for that year at that time. Once our limit of Stripers is caught, all other Bass must be released. Prices will include everything except your food & drink and the tip for the Mate. All fishing tackle will be provided free of charge.



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