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Stellwagen Bank is one of the richest fishing grounds closest to shore, with Green Harbor in Marshfield, Mass having the shortest steaming time to it. Our cod fishing trips are 10-11 hours dock to dock. Traveling time to the fishing grounds is generally only about 1-½ hours each way. This allows for more fishing time than most other companies. The fishing on Stellwagen Bank is one of the most dynamic fisheries that take place on this large & nutrient rich area. Our catches normally consist of Codfish, Haddock, Pollack, Wolf fish with Cusk and Hake and an occasional Monkfish. Departures are normally around 4 a.m. weather and tides permitting with arrival times generally return at 3 p.m.

Our prices will include all of your tackle consisting of rods & reels, bait, jigs, etc. The only thing not included will be your food & drink and a tip for the mate generally consisting of 15 to 20%.


The Cod fishing has been spectacular and runs year round, with peak months being November through June. All of the other months’ we still catch Cod fish in good numbers. These fish range in size from 8 lbs. up to 80 lbs. with the majority of them in the 10 to 50 lb. range. During these months we have a large increase in other species consisting of Haddock 5 to 20 lbs., Pollack 8 to 30 lbs., Cusk 3 to 20 lbs., Hake up to 30 lbs. and also delicious Red fish. All of these species are very tasty and consist of flaky white meat, which makes for some excellent fish dinners. All in all, every day that you go fishing will be a wonderful and enjoyable experience and something that you will want to do year after year. Blue water Charters was the first charter boat out of Green Harbor to fish Stellwagen Bank for Cod dating back to 1973.



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