COMBINATION TRIPS             781-771-6235
$1440.00 for six people

($240.00 per person)

Our combination trips are one of the most popular trips that we offer. For the hearty fisherman & serious sportsman these trips will be just the ticket. Most of these trips consist of starting the day out either Shark or Tuna fishing in the morning and finishing up the day with Cod, Haddock, & Pollack fishing or some whale watching in the afternoon. We can mix and match these trips in any order you wish. These trips generally leave the dock around 4 a.m. and return at 3 p.m. The best time to schedule a combination trip such as these is July thru September.


For the not so serious fishermen, couples or families combination trips are very versatile and can be mixed and matched to your specific needs or desires. One of our more popular trips consist of some Stripe Bass & Blue fishing along Race Point early in the morning along with some whale watching or Fluke fishing if desired and then for the afternoon we can take you into scenic Province Town one of the most historic and picturesque towns in Massachusetts & Cape Cod for a quaint lunch or some outstanding shopping in the local boutiques. Finishing up the day with a little more Bass fishing. These trips generally depart around 5 a.m. most of the time with a spectacular sun rise and return approximately 4 p.m. The best time to schedule one of these trips is from the middle of June thru September.



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