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Shark fishing trips in this area are truly spectacular! With the sharks ranging from Blue sharks, Threshers, Makos, Great Whites and Porbeagles with an occasional Tiger shark there is no shortage of variety. Our shark-fishing season generally starts to pick up around mid July and goes through mid October with August and September being the steadier producers.

Open ocean shark trips leave the dock at 4 a.m. and return around 3 p.m., tides & weather permitting. These fish are generally caught on light stand-up gear consisting of Penn 50 Internationals with Seeker rods. We also have heavier gear available if desired.


We generally see a few more Makos from late July into August with Porbeagles showing up as the water-cools down in September & October. All of these sharks are excellent table food with the exception of the Blue shark. Although Blue sharks are quite formidable and fun to catch on light tackle, they do not make for very good dinners. Mako’s Porbeagles, etc. on the other hand, are a whole different story. The aerial antics of these Makos are what stories are made of and are truly something to behold with speeds that can reach upwards to 55 knots making them the fastest shark in the ocean. Their jumping ability can easily catapult them clear of the water by as much as 3 body lengths. They are also by far one of the finer dinner plates you will come across. Makos range from legal size 150 lbs. up to 1400 lb fish, which is the largest Mako ever, recorded and landed in Green Harbor, MA. This fish was caught by us at Blue water Charters and unfortunately could not be weighed for 36 hours. By the time it was weighed, the official recorded weight was 1324 lbs. This Mako ended up winning the Mass. State Governor’s Cup Award as well as setting a new state record for Makos. Blue water Charters also landed a 411 lb Porbeagle by Angler Jay Martin, who chartered us with a group of friends. This fish although missing the state record by just 3 lbs ended up winning the Massachusetts State Governor’s Cup Trophy Award for largest Porbeagle. Blue water Charters has by far landed the most amount of sharks in Green Harbor, MA.


Blue water Charters is also the only charter boat out of Green Harbor to land not only one but two Great White sharks. These landings occurred years ago when it was legal to do so. Unfortunately today, although they are a tremendous game fish, and truly tasty, all Great White sharks are protected and must be released. Threshers and Tigers on the other hand can be landed with Makos and Porbeagles. These sharks are some of the best game fish you will battle on a rod & reel and make for great eating as well.


So come along and enjoy the experience of shark fishing and battling one of the greatest predators of all times. One that has existed for over 300 million years virtually unchanged & is also the only creature to be cancer free.


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