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$1440.00 for six people

($240.00 per person)

Our Blue fin Tuna Fishery consists of both Giants greater than 73 inches in length and weights from 230 lbs. up to 1200 lbs. to School fish which are less than 73 inches and under 230 lbs. Giant Blue fin Tuna are by far one of the top 3 game fish in the world. With speeds in excess of 50 knots and trans-Atlantic travel exceeding 3,000 + miles in a matter of weeks, they are considered in a class by themselves. With the ability to change direction in the blink of an eye, and aerodynamically designed bodies that move through the water with the least amount of resistance, they are one of the most amazing fish to land with a rod & reel!

As the regulations stand today, Giant Blue fin larger than 73 inches must be retained by the permitted vessel. Generally people that fish for these giants are trophy hunters and not catching them for the meat. When fishing for Giant Blue fin we will return $300.00 back to you if one is caught. The School Blue fin fishery smaller than 73 inches is by far our most popular Blue fin Tuna charter. These fish belong to the charter and make for excellent eating. Blue fin Tuna is a worldwide delicacy, delicious served raw as sushi or cooked on a grill. The daily bag limits for Blue fin Tuna vary from year to year. This limit fluctuates from one to three fish per day per vessel. Once we catch our limit for the day, all other fish that are hooked must be tagged & released. School size tuna are usually fought on light stand up gear in the trolling configuration. All fishing tackle is state of the art and provided free of charge. The season for Blue fins begins in July and runs through October.

Over the past 35 years, the Giant Blue fin Tuna fishery has gone thru some dramatic changes. From the early beginnings when Tuna fish were only worth .03 per pound thru some of the high prices paid in the mid to late 80’s and then back down to some of the very low prices presently being paid, Captain Kevin Scola has been there! Year in and year out following these magnificent creatures. Having caught Giant Blue fin Tuna as large as 1185 lbs. in numbers exceeding 1, 297 landed so far, you can be rest assured that there will be no lack of knowledge. So come along and Enjoy the Experience!!!


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